What are some common tasks and jobs electricians do?

The main goal for electricians is to provide installation and maintenance to the electrical and power systems in our cities and towns. This includes making sure power is working sufficiently in all homes, business and factories. Electricians are also known for providing installation and maintenance to products that require a source of power such as refrigerators and televisions.

The most common tasks of electricians involve servicing wiring and control equipment in which electricity travels through. The other common job electricians usually perform is installing or servicing electrical equipment and machines in factories, organisations and businesses.

Man working with wires and screw driver.

Residential vs Inside Electricians

There are two types of electricians in most areas. Residential electricians and inside electricians. The process of becoming either one of these will differ, more on this here. The most common job of a residential electrician is to install wiring and to make sure electricity in homes are working safely and properly. On the other hand, the most common job of an inside electrician is to repair and perform maintenance on large motors, advanced electrical equipment and control systems in businesses and factories.

In most cases, Electricians commence their task by reading a blueprint or multiple blueprints. Blueprints are complex diagrams that include circuit locations, load centres, panel boards and other apparatus that show how electricity flows to its destination. After analysing the blueprint, they can commence physical work such as finding out where there may be a problem or installing and connecting new wires to outlets, transformers, circuit breakers or other apparatus within an electrical system.

Some Tasks

Installing wiring is arguably the most common job performed by an electrician. It involves the use of hand tools such as benders, pliers, screwdrivers wire strippers, knives, hacksaws and powers drills to put the wiring in the correct and functional position.

Then afterwards, to test the functionality, connection, safety and compatibility of the wiring equipment such as ammeters, ohmmeters, voltmeters and harmonics testers are used.

Maintaining and Repairing

Another common task electricians perform is maintaining, repairing and replacing electrical apparatus when it breaks down. Fixing broken down electrical equipment is a job that must be performed quickly to reduce inconvenience.
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Repairing electrical equipment needs to happen fast for businesses because rely on it for their business to function. The longer electrical equipment is broken down in a business the more time and money that business will lose. 

Commercial Jobs

Repairing a broken electrical item involves replacing fuses, switches, circuit breakers, wiring and other electronic components. However, electrical equipment in factories, businesses and organisations rarely break down because they usually hire an electrician to inspect all equipment on a fortnightly basis to make sure it is all operating properly.

This is a very common task that inside electricians perform. For residential electricians their maintenance work often involves replacing old fuse boxes, rewiring wires and fixing electrical household items such as fans, fridges and washing machines.

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