The Suburb of Curl Curl

Out of all the beaches along the Northern Beaches Curl Curl is definitely one of the less crowded spots.
The northern end of the beach has quite a large swimming pool that's filled with natural salt water coming in from the ocean. It's suitable for all ages and is quite common to find local swimmers doing laps.

Curl Curl is one of the less developed suburbs along the Sydney coastline and does not provide as many shops or restaurants as suburbs like Manly or Dee Why. Although there is a cafe situated on the southern end of the beach called Gusto On The Beach. Click here to visit our home page. 

Curl Curl beach and ocean pool

There are several surf clubs which are monitored by life guards most of the year which to protect swimmers. The surf clubs are located at the northern end of the beach and southern end. Curl Curl is known for having quite strong and challenging surf conditions as the beach faces to the south and therefore picks up a lot of swell. 

Curl Curl Lagoon 

On the northern end of the beach is also the lagoon which consists of fresh water that flows into the northern end of the beach. Most of the year the lagoon is closed off by a sand wall which doesn't allow the water to freely flow in but after heavy rain the sand wall can break and this makes the lagoon flow into the ocean. 
In the past bodyboarders have made stand still waves with the running out the lagoon. The sudden release of water running over a hump of sand creates a stationary wave that can be ridden by surf craft. A few beaches up north you will find Long Reef Golf Club which is great place if you enjoy golf or even just want to sit down for a meal with a view. 

Curl Curl is a beach for a day out with the family or to go surfing at. It's also worth mentioning you are allowed to walk your dog along the grass area in between the beach and road.