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Sydney summers are known for getting hot. Installing a ceiling fan in your home or office will help keep you cool during the heat of the summer months. 
Our services work to make sure we will get a fan installed by a qualified professional and make sure you are happy with the job. We'll work with customers ranging from Balgowlah to Avalon, all areas here, and everywhere else in between.

Ceiling Fan Installation Done Right

Usually installing fans is not a complicated process if all the wiring of your home is in tack and there is easy access through the man hole in roof. In saying that every job is different and can present it's own challenges and difficulties. 

Electrician installing ceiling fan with tool

Because there a different types of fans it may be worth going to have a look a several different designs or types as they can have different features and one style may provide a better cooling system to room or area you need it.

The three most common types for circulating air are cross flow(also known as tangential), axial and centrifugal (also known as radial). They do not all work in exactly the same way so do some research and look into the one you think will best suit your space. 

How to choose a fan that will provide ample cooling. Have a look at the airflow rating, which is also known as the flow rate. This should give you a good gage or measure of how efficient the fan will be. The airflow is that is produced per minute is usually measured in CFM which stands for cubic feet per minute. 

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