Electrical quotes for wiring and renovation jobs – What to consider?

There are many things consumers should be on the lookout for when receiving a quote for a wiring job or a renovation job by an electrician. Below is a list of things you should lookout for when assessing your electrical quote.

What Can You Check?

A Legitimate Licence

It is required by law in Australia for an electrician to be licenced for them to carry out any sort of electrical work. Before accepting a quote, you should check if the electrician is licenced. This can be done by visiting the online public register. Each state and territory has a website where you can enter their name or licence number.

Electrician working with wires.


You need to make sure your electrician is insured and has the proper liability cover. The quote document should have these details in it. If the electrician is not insured any accidents or damages will have to be paid by you.

Qualified and Certified Tradespeople

It is very important to make sure that the electrician or any tradesperson has the right qualifications for the particular wiring or renovation job you need done. This includes any subcontractors that will be used in the renovation process. The electricians on this site should be licensed but make sure you check 🙂

Detailed Job Specs

It is also important that the quote details all the specifications of the wiring or renovation job. If it does not, then there is a chance you will receive unknown expenses. You want the quote to have a detailed description of each part of the job that will be done and how much that part will cost. for example if your are after a new hot water system try and make sure all aspects of quote are covered including the price of the unit.

Meets Australian Standards

Each state in Australia has very similar standards that electricians and all tradespeople must comply with. These standards make sure tradespeople and electricians provide a high quality of wiring or renovation job for their consumers. Make sure the quote document you receive includes these standards.

Working Period

The quote should provide an explanation on how long each wiring and renovation will take. It should also set out a timeline of what hours they will commit each day to completing each job. This is a great indication they are a quality tradesperson.

Detailed Pricing

The quote should have a detailed list and break down of the price. This includes the cost of labour and any new wiring or equipment that will be installed. This is important because than you will have a complete understanding of the costs involved. It provides transparency and accuracy. A quick estimated figure can be blown out of proportion after the job is done.

References and Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to ask any electrician for references from past clients to include in the quote documentation. Resistance to this means that they could be inexperienced or a lousy tradesperson. 

Getting Picky - Grammar, Spelling and Accuracy.

The quote document should be accurate and free from spelling and grammar errors. Having an accurate quote is an indication that the electrician has time for you and your job. Professionalism is expected from tradespeople.

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