Fairy Bower Beach Manly

Fairy Bower is a small beach at the very southern end of the Northern Beach of Sydney. It's a beautiful spot known for it's iconic surfing spot which is a long right hand break that breaks over reef.
This reef is known for handling some large swells and the different sections of such as Winki Pop and Deadman's only break on large enough swells. 

Shelly beach with sand and water

Diving in the area 

It has some amazing snorkelling and driving spots with it's crystal clear waters and abundant fish and marine life. Some of the marine life that are quite common to see there are blue groper and wobbegong sharks along with different species of Australian fish. Because this area is protected from the southerly winds it offers a great location for beginner divers to learn. Check out our home page here. 

Cabbage Tree Bay

There are several smaller sections that make up Fairy Bower including Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve and Shelly Beach. Cabbage Tree Bay is located slightly north of Fairy Bower and has a beautiful little restaurant/cafe called The Bower. This quite tucked away little cafe is a great place to grab a coffee while walking along the Marine Parade. The Marine Parade is the walkway that takes you along the ocean front from Manly Beach to Shelly Beach. Curl Curl is another great beach which is more private than Shelly. 

Along located along Marine Parade is the Fairy Bower Pool. This pool has a different shape than most of the other ocean pools you will find along the east coast. The pool is triangular in shape and has a unique sculpture that sits along the edge of the pool. This statue is called the 'The Sea Nymphs'. The pool was built by locals and dates back to 1929 and is a favourite spot for many morning bathers to jump in for a morning dip.