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If you are after top solutions on all aspects of lighting from new installations to replacing old fittings you need to look no further than our services.

We have information and can show you products which will be sure to improve the overall look and feel of your home or office. We work mainly around the Northern Beaches area of Sydney but if the job is large enough will travel to further destinations occasionally. 

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Do You Need Light Installation
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We are known for providing punctual on time service to all our clients and always strive to make sure the job is completed on time and to the clients satisfaction. Please be advised that it is important that only an electrician can install lights and holds the correct license to do so. Check out our home page for other jobs we perform. 

Are you after a lighting design that will stand out and be a lot more impressive than a standard everyday light bulb. If you are we have the ability to install many different unique designs and ranges of lights that will help impress your guests and brighten your home or living area. 

Why are down lights becoming so popular. Over the years down lights have really start to gain popularity with their sleek flat design and the effective way they emit light. Another positive is the way they can be fitted in groups evenly shining down from the ceiling. 

Light switches along with dimmers are another necessary electrical component to have installed to insure safety. These again should be fitted by a professional that is skilled working and correctly fitting off these components. 

We don't just work with lights indoors but also will work with outdoor lighting jobs. Adding lights to gardens or the front or back lawn is a great way to illuminate and display your landscape in an impressive fashion.  

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